Introduction to Polyvore

Recently I have found a love for using polyvore (you can visit If you are unfamiliar it is a great website, free of charge, that allows you to take any piece of clothing that you search under any category, color, style, etc. and put it into a collage. These collages can be either a set, collection, or template. I find myself making the sets. The closest thing I can compare this to is a mood board, it’s basically a virtual moodboard. This creative spark helps to give perspective for new projects, I highly recommend it. And it’s so simple to use for people who aren’t very tech savvy, i.e. myself. The other fantastic thing about this website is that you can add color swatches (squares) and texture swatches to the board or set to give it more perspective. This allows anyone making a project or forming a creative design to use the colors or textures to formulate a possible working design. You can compare and contrast colors and polyvore will even match the colors up perfectly for you, all you do is click. All and all for any beginning (or any level really) fashion designer, this website is a sufficient kick start to making any kind of virtual moodboard giving a designer the creative edge that all designs ask for. You can view my polyvore sets by visiting the website and typing in my username: thenycvision or by clicking the link below:

Here is an example set of mine,


Go out there and get creative with polyvore!

*This post is in no way affiliated with the polyvore website.


Welcome to my blog!

Hello! Welcome to The NYC Vision blog page/website. I’m Amanda and I’m a 15 year old aspiring fashion designer from Connecticut. My goals and aspirations are lined out across the charts but this is my creative expression to the fashion world. I want to make a statement at a young age and I want to become somebody to express myself not only in Connecticut but in New York City, where if you make it there you can make it anywhere. Follow me on my journey through daily posts about my fashion and design plans, close views of designers, and some photography (that’s another big passion of mine). I hope you sincerely enjoy my work throughout my creative processes as I strive to make a mark on people through my creative workings. Contact me on the contact page or through my email:, I’d love to chat anything fashion or photography! Enjoy the journey,